Today there is growing fiscal pressure on physician and medical practices, particularly in regards to surgeons. This pressues is likely to increase as a growing number of insurers and employers seek to shift overheads to the patient and try to find other ways to bundle services if possible.

When surgeons find their workload is becoming overwhelming, they may hiring the services of a non-physician practitioner (NPP). One area that they consider outsourcing is surgery billing. The convenience factor is a key reason why surgeons choose to hire advisors for surgery billing services. Aside from helping to avoid hitches with the legal issues, investing in professional and trusted advisor for surgery billing services is the best way for any federally-qualified surgeon to keep overhead costs low and to maximize their revenues.

Why Outsource Medical Billing for Surgeons?

The medical billing services take care of much of the “dirty job” associated with the surgery billing process. In addition, it will pursue delinquent accounts, follow up on rejected claims, and even send invoices to patients directly. Both new providers and seasoned surgeons alike do not have to worry about the clerical/ administrative side of the business.

When the surgery billing process is outsourced, it eliminates the hassle and frees physicians to concentrate on patients. Due to the importance of this service there are now more companies offering it than ever before. However, although there are so many billing companies, some stand out from the rest because of the quality of the services they provide. Especially when it comes to medical billing for surgery services and practices.

Choosing a medical billing company is one of the key decisions you can make for your surgical practice, clinic, hospital or group. How quickly claims get processed and how much money gets collected on each claim can significantly affect your cash flow, and your net profit as well. To help you get the best services, the following are the top 5 trusted advisors for surgery billing services in the medical profession.


As the name of this company suggests, the primary aim of Kareo is to offer surgeons practicing in a health facility with revenue maximization and cost minimization solutions. Besides surgeons, Visualutions provides services for pediatrics, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine and many other fields.

Kareo concentrates more in coordinating staff training before the implementation of the surgery billing system and during its application, although the company also provides most of the services that any billing company offers. The training is done to equip staff with the required skills. Years of extensive research by the company have proved that the most efficient means to maximize revenues is via medical staff training.

National Medical Billing Services (NMBS)

National Medical is a national health care revenue cycle management company featuring a sophisticated, boutique like approach to client service and operational delivery. The company specializes solely on servicing ASCs (ambulatory surgery centers) and their affiliated surgeons.

NMBS was named to the 2012 Global Outsourcing 100® service providers’ list by the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals). The St. Louis-based company was founded in 2003 with a team of professionals that consults with ASCs and their surgeons to increase revenue and overcome the industry challenges which can limit an ASC’s success and profitability.

Practice Management

Practice Management is medical billing company combines years of experience in the healthcare sector and professionalism to offer services that can only be matched by few other billing companies if at all any. With them, one needs not to be informed just how good they are as their track record speaks for itself.

Practice Management has earned its rightful place amongst the best having helped dozens of healthcare centers sort out their surgery billing issues to increase revenues and payment turn-around. To make sure that their clients are always satisfied, this company provides experts who help in billing, essential services such as credentialing and assisting the customers comply with legal and ethical regulations. One other advantage that Practice Management has over the others is that it has invested in hiring bi-lingual customer service professionals.

InGauge Healthcare Solutions

Formerly MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions, InGauge Healthcare Solutions offers revenue cycle management services that help surgeons get paid properly for the work they do. Not only will clients have access to their data at any time, but they get to meet with one of their consultants on a regular basis. The consultant provides industry insights, education, data analytics and innovative reports that easily explain the fiscal side of your practice. This help clients overcome industry challenges to advance financial performance besides helping them make the best decisions possible in their practice.

Synergy Billing

Synergy Billing is the #1 biller by collection rate. That fact alone should be satisfactory to convince any facility that they are a good option for their surgery billing services need. The company understands how surgeons and medical practitioners work, having been in operation for several years now, and so they will help optimize the revenues of the healthcare center one dollar at a time. In addition to helping with revenue maximization, Synergy Billing is a company that also provides other valuable services like medical staff training.

These services are vital for any healthcare facility since they contribute to making it more self reliant in revenue collection by reducing over-dependence on billing companies. Through hiring Synergy Billing, the healthcare center will also benefit from a range of informational webinars that are hosted by the CEO and other top-ranked executives. These webinars will help to maximize revenues and also provide the facility with revenue cycle management solutions.