Advancements in shipping and order fulfillment technology has led to introduction of automatic case openers and other industrial automation solutions. These automatic case/box opening machines are very popular today due to the fact that they can open boxes of all sizes within a short period of time while saving businesses a large amount of time and money.

Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) is one of the leading manufacturers of such order fulfillment automation systems, including the industry's leading automatic box openers: IBOD Single, IBOS 12M Case Cutter, and IBOD Double, among many others.

Automatic box opening technology specifically refers to a process in which a box is opened automatically on a “pass through” or a conveyor. The technology was invented to fill the gap in automation technology that exists, especially in large industries or distribution centers as well as warehouses. Now, automatic case openers have been a global staple in such warehouse and distribution center settings. CASI automatic box cutters can lower labor costs, and open more than 500 boxes in an hour. In fact, this technology can carry out a task of up to 10 people and only requires manual interaction only when it comes to changing cutting blades.

Leading Automatic Box Opener Machines by CASI

CASI offers some of the leading automatic box opener technology on the market. These systems are all turn-key, and can be seamlessly integrated in most case opening operations.

IBOD Box Openers

The IBOD Box Openers from CASI regarded as the best industrial grade box opening gadget available on the market today. These automatic case openers were designed by Cornerstone Automation Solutions and has found a variety of applications in carrying out operations in industries, warehouses, shipping, hospitals, and more. These machines offer the easiest as well as the safest option to open boxes in warehouses. There are two core models or types of IBOD box openers, including IBOD Single and IBOD Double.

IBOD Single

The IBOD Single is also known as intelligent box opening machine or device. It is completely programmable and has the ability to cut and remove the box tops automatically. It can open or cut up to 600 cartons in an hour. IBOD single is not only accurate, but also 100 percent secure. If you have been looking for a device that is affordable, then IBOD Single is your ultimate choice.

Apart from being affordable, the IBOD Single is also suitable for boxes of different sizes and shapes. It can open cartons fairly well, whether they stand single-handedly with casters or are in line. The cutting speed will depend or rely on cut complexity, box size, box thickness and other factors that can influence cut times. This automatic case opener is also equipped with sensors to offer the most flexible as well as dynamic solution at a fair price. This box opening machine can cut the top part of the box without damaging items in the box.

IBOD Double

The IBOD Double is an improvement of IBOD Single case opener. The IBOD Double can open around 1,000 carton per hour and features 2-inch feeds and comes with a variety of options such as sorting.

The IBOD Double is fitted with 12M case cutter to cut or open DC’s cigarette boxes at a speed of up to 12 boxes per minute or even faster. The cutting speed depends on the box depth, size of the box and more.

This automatic case opener from CASI can also empty the contents as well as allow you to change the blade automatically without altering the speed. In addition, IBOD Double can cut tape lines, which are important if you are planning to reseal the boxes later.