Postage meters are a type of office equipment that makes mail management tasks a whole lot easier. It is commonly used by companies as a business asset to streamline postage operations and reduce mailing costs. However, a postage meter is not just for businesses that send out large volume of mail. It can also be used by companies according to need for mailing purposes.

There are many types of postage meters available in the market today, all of which varies from the diversity and the volume of mail being handled. Small postage meters are designed to send less than one hundred letters a month while big postage meters can process thousands of letters per hour.

Essential Postage Meter Supplies

There are a number of supplies needed for postage meters, including software, hardware, and data provisions. Most of them can be purchased online, especially from renowned postage meter vendors, while others can be bought at computer stores that offer postage meters.

There are consumable postage meter supplies you need in order to run a postage meter. Some of these include water seals, glue dot, adhesive labels, bottled ink, cartridges, tabs, bag, and tabs. You should also consider having a postage tape, USPS rate cards & charts, envelope ads, dust covers, and other supply packs.

One of the most important postage meter supplies needed in an office mailroom is the printer. Having a printer is an absolute requirement. You can choose from different kinds of printers such as thermal printer, dot matrix or line printer. A postage meter also needs a strapping machine, which could be manual or semi-automatic.

Often times, software is also a must-have. Without the software, it is impossible to run your postage meter. You can purchase the software on the internet or you can also purchase it from dependable postage meter suppliers. The software is important to run the program and to access the features of the mailing system.

Some common software used for postage meter are CASS from Pitney Bowes (also known as Coding Accuracy Support System), and the PAVE, presort accuracy validation and evaluation. The CASS is a software that matches the street, address, city, and state from the office postal list to the postal service database while PAVE, on the other hand, prints out the form. You can also choose from a variety of software such as Accumail Tool kit, Easy Street, QuickLocate, and Zip USA.

Homogenous ink is used for most postage meter syste,s. Consisting of low molecular weight, fluid and surfactants, the ink is formulated by dissolving the coloring materials that are made from florescent toner for a non-volatile solution.

Major Brands of Postage Meters

There are a lot of postage meters being offered today. Some of the most popular brands to choose from include Neopost USA, Hasler, FP Mailing Solutions, and Data-Pac Mailing Systems. These brands vary from each other, depending on how they are to be used by companies. You can also read some reviews and product specifications online to know what is best for your mailing needs.