Mailing operations should not consume the majority of your work day. Stop licking, stamping, and stuffing your precious time away. Leverage today's most advanced document handling systems to take control of your mailing operations. Check out these five document handling systems designed to make business mailing operations more fluid and efficient.

These common document handling machines can offer the level of efficiency for you business to dramatically improve office productivity, making folding, stamping, and mailing at least 10x faster (and of higher quality.)

1. Folding Machines

Folding documents is a real time suck. You have to line up the pages, make straight folds, and hope the size is just right for the envelope. Many times it is not. After wasting your time on a single sheet, you have to move on to more. It is easy to spend at least 10 minutes folding and stuffing a few letters. You need a folding machine.

Folding machines directly on a desk or table, and they can fold dozens of sheets in a matter of seconds. Depending on the size of your company’s document and mailing needs, you can select single-page folders, or multi-page folding machines that can hold up to 100 letters.

2. Pressure Sealers

Improve your marketing presence with pressure sealer machines that do the licking and sticking for you. Kick out dozens of self-mailers that can handle between 30 and 100 mailers per minute. Pressure sealer machines feed in your document(s), fold it, and stuffs it into a sealed envelope. The process is the greener option for businesses.

3. Postage Meters

Increase efficiency and save on costs with postage meters. Postage meters weigh the mail, update to accommodate fluctuating postage costs, and account for the type of mailing – first-class, postcard, express, and more. In short, postage meters are on the most elemental product investments for high-volume mailrooms.

Guessing on postage on the dozens, or hundreds, of pieces of mail your company sends out in a day can end up costing you hundreds of dollars by the end of the week. Not only do you pay for stamps, but you pay for the labor to affix them on the outside of each piece of mail. Productivity drops when the mail goes out, but it doesn’t have to when you invest in postage meters for sale.

4. Address Printers

Writing every address by hand wastes a wealth of time and money, and that’s hoping the address on the outside of the envelope is legible. Hand-written envelopes are time consuming, often sloppy, and they prevent employees from getting back to their jobs. Address printer systems can handle large-scale mailing campaigns, individual correspondence, and various letter sizes.

Address printers take the burden on the hand and the budget, allowing businesses and offices to print scores of envelopes at a time with professional, legible addresses printed on the outside of the mailer. Address printers reduce mailing and printing costs, and they eliminate the need to reprint multiple prints. When it comes to finding the right types of address printer machines for sale, check out Walz Label & Mailing Systems. They offer the real-deal when it comes to top-of-the-line address printer systems and mailing machines.

5. Folder Inserter Machines

Depending on your document and mailing needs, you can find a folder inserter machine that folds and stuffs dozens, to hundreds and thousands, of pieces of mail in a matter of minutes. Folder inserter mailing machines can handle single documents and large documents effortlessly, providing clean, crisp, and professional folds before inserting the document into its envelope.

You can't go wrong with these document handling and business mailing machines. Tackle all your document handling and mailing system needs with easy, reliable, and affordable document solutions that accommodate your business’s needs and fit the budget.