An on-board loader scale is a very efficient weighing instrument, and a must-have for businesses in mining, large-scale construction, logging and even farming.

Unlike external truck scales and other heavy-duty weighing scales that are designated for specific weighing sites, on-board loader scales provide maximum efficiency and productivity. These scales can immediately record and print-out weight data, a great breakthrough to operators of high-capacity equipment especially in the mining sector. These systems can transform the payload management processes for many industry applications.

Why On-board Loader Scales Are a Winning Investment

The following are the reasons why on-board loader scales are of great use to mining operations and weighing payloads while loaders are in transit. These reasons make them more useful than other heavy-duty weighing scales.

  • Versatility: The systems are applicable for all wheel loaders and an in-motion weighing option is provided on some on-board loader scales
  • User-friendliness: It's very simple to understand the operation of the scale
  • Clarity: The readouts produced on the graphical user interface are very clear
  • Preciseness: The results produced even in tough conditions are consistently precise, and many on-board loader scales offer can-bus communications and multiple communication protocol options
  • Robustness: They are field installable, require low maintenance, and offer built-in ticket printing capabilities

Leading Suppliers of On-board Loader Scales

With adequate knowledge about the leading suppliers of on-board weighing systems, you can invest in an equipment with unprecedented confidence that it was designed and built by a trusted manufacturer.

There is a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers of on-board loader scales and weighing systems. Those who have extensive information about these suppliers can understand the nature of each company's products, solutions and support in much better way. The following is a review of the three leading suppliers of on-board loader scales and related weighing solutions that are currently leading the market.

1. Walz Scale

Walz Scale has grown its international reputation when it comes to the quality products that they provide to the buyers. Unlike other providers of on-board weighing systems, Walz provides a wide range of weighing systems and scales for various other equipment such as conveyors, loaders, trains, rail cars, lift trucks, backhoes, skidsteers, telehandler and material handlers.

The company specializes in Pfreundt on-board truck scale technology for larget, heavy-duty mining equipment, trucks, conveyors, heavy construction equipment, etc. When it comes to on-board loader scales, Walz offers an advanced wheel loader bucket scale system that provides a great weighing solution for a wide range of industry applications.

2. Cardinal Scale

Cardinal Scale is one company that has been rated as among the top sellers of on-board weighing equipment for various types of equipment. You will have quality products that fit you perfectly well thus making Cardinal your preferable company when searching for the best on-board weighing instrument. Their reputation has grown as a company that sells highly efficient and reliable weighing scales for heavy duty mining equipment.

When you choose Cardinal, you choose superior quality control that you require when investing in an on-board weighing solution for your equipment.

3. Avery Weigh Tronix

Avery Weigh Tronix is a well-established and reputable company that sells on-board loader scales for large, heavy-duty mining equipment, conveyors and others for people who need the best quality during the process. When you choose Avery, you've 100 percent chance that you would get a weighing scale that is of the best quality.

Most people who buy weighing systems and truck scales from Avery are always satisfied with their decisions. It also offers affordable products without sacrificing quality.