Are you looking for reliable dimensioning systems? Is your business ready to leverage some of the industry's most advanced dimensioning and cubing systems that state-of-the-art features?

If so, then this article is tailored for you. Today’s technology has enabled engineers to design dimensioning systems equipped with lasers, sensors, and computer compatibility, helping to streamline cubing and weighing operations for many different applications.

To further enhance the functionality and integration of dimensioning systems, these units can now be integrated with existing systems, such as conveyors, as well as mobile devices like tablets and iPads. In short, this advanced technology has propelled shipping, logistics, and distribution businesses to a whole new level.

How Today's Dimensioning Systems Work

Cubing and dimensional weighing systems are sophisticated laser scanning systems equipped with either static or in-motion scanners that perform multi-functional operation to determine the volumetric dimensions of a unit, as well as weight metrics. In-motion dimensioning systems are the most dynamic solutions in the industry that are ideal for distribution and shipping centers.

These systems are designed with in-motion package scanners that are engineered to provide real-time package dimensions on conveyors. In addition, they can be directly integrated into an existing conveying system.

Some of the most compelling features of dimensional scanning and cubing systems are that they:

  • can be easily integrated into an existing shipping system.
  • provide real time parcel dimension measurements.
  • compatible with windows os and other operating systems.
  • offer real-time parcel weighing and dimensioning.

While all dimensioning systems serve a similar intention, there are a wide range of options for various needs and capacities (i.e. Point of Sales/shipping vs. pallet and freight dimensioning).

Package Dimensional Weighing & Scanning Systems

Package dimensional weighing and scanning systems are often simple static devices that are ideal for POS desk, shipping, warehouse operations and any related applications looking for accurate measurements on small units. The package scanner technology in these systems is affordable, efficient and simple for industrial dimensioning. They are fitted with sensors that provide precise dimensional scanning. They are also compatible with windows OS and come with a user-friendly interface.

Dynamic In-Motion Cubing Systems

In-motion cubing systems are great for shipping and warehousing organizations that require not only high precision cubing but also weighing functionality. In contrast to other dimensioning systems, these cubing systems have the ability to take measurements while parcels are in-motion on a conveyor system. The good news is that in-motion dimensioning systems can work well as standalone or with existing conveyor systems.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning Systems

Heavy-duty dimensioning systems designed to read large pallets and freight shipments are for applications in industrial logistics, freight forwarding, and supply chain management.. They are very simple and can integrate with existing warehouse and shipping management systems. Depending with what you want, these cubing systems can be used for both indoors and outdoors operations.

Heavy-duty Volumetric Scanning & Weighing Systems

Leverage a similar type of laser scanning technology, volumetric load scanner systems are used to scan and measure the actual volume of materials carried in open-top haul trucks. The Walz Load Scanner system is a perfect example that uses very precise laser scanners to scan the load while the vehicle is in-motion. This means that operators can take both volume and weight measurements without interfering with the workflow.

For the system to work, it's important to scan the trucks while empty so as to store these baseline volume measurements as a means for calibration. During operation, the system will scan the overall load volume and compare it to the stored data in order come up with final load measurement. If the density of the material is known, the system can then calculate the weight of the load based on these volume measurements

These cutting-edge dimensioning systems will provide advanced dimensional weighing and scanning solutions for receiving and shipping operations. They are also very affordable, reliable, efficient and accurate.