All over the world Bush Hog has become synonymous with everything dirt working, earth moving and rugged as far as equipments are concerned. Bush Hog is well known for mowers, rotary cutters, and other common forms of land clearing equipment. The performance that comes with these machines is unrivaled. In the present day, Bush Hog is known to manufacture equipment of a wide range but one thing is common in all equipment; quality assurance, dependable independent performance in all rugged conditions for a satisfactory period of time.

Be that as it may, there is a range of equipment that is little known but is available from Bush Hog. If you are looking for quality equipment like backhoes, loaders, and post hole diggers it doesn’t get better than Bush Hog. Let us examine these products and see what Bush Hog has to offer.

Bush Hog Wheel Loaders

Bush Hog designs and manufactures loaders in various configurations to fit the kind of terrain and work you want to handle anywhere in the world. What engineers at Bush Hog are inspired by is to give you access to loaders that are profitable, precise, fast and safe for work in agriculture, waste management, building and construction, mining or forestry. Because Bush Hog loaders are some of the best in their class, the sheer popularity makes it easy to source new and used Bush Hog parts to make timely repairs when needed.

Bush Hog loaders have been known to call the shots when it comes to fuel efficiency, operator comfort, reliability and productivity. Our front end environmentally friendly machines are engineered to meet the high expectations that our customers have. Bush Hog uses systems that guarantee proven reduced emissions and ever improving fuel economy without compromising on performance. Regardless of the size of loader you are looking at Bush Hog has something for everyone.

Bush Hog Backhoes

Typical backhoe uses include digging basements, ditches for drainage, footings and slopes on various settings including construction, industrial and landscaping. Bush Hog backhoes make for perfect demolition equipment when paired with our various range of hammers.

The features of Bush Hog backhoes include:

    • Ability to dig close to walls, back fill and such operations like trench widening thanks to Side-shift feature.
    • Easy maneuver in slim area due to compact designs.
    • All operations are In-cab, meaning that you save a lot of time required for re-positioning. You can Side-Shift, Excavate, Dig and trim without leaving the seat or the cab.
    • Auxiliary hydraulic features provide flow to the end of the backhoe rod which enables you to operate attachments like hammers, buckets, compactors and augers.

Bush Hog Post Hole Diggers

Bush Hog post hole diggers comprise of the hydraulic drive and the 3 point Mount. With these, one is able to handle any kind of ground. The 3 point mount is designed with reinforced steel tubing for added agility and strength. We guarantee years of dependable service with the standard drive line protection on all models.

Hydraulic drive post hole diggers come with mount brackets that comprise dual swivel designs which will keep the industrial grade auger vertical when in action. The two types of Post Hole Diggers are hardy enough to handle applications such as extreme agricultural work, industrial and commercial jobs. For more information visit