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5 Document Handling Systems for Better Mailing Operations

Mailing operations should not consume the majority of your work day. Stop licking, stamping, and stuffing your precious time away. Leverage today's most advanced document handling systems to take control of your mailing operations. Check out these five document handling systems designed to make business mailing operations more fluid and efficient.

These common document handling machines can offer the level of efficiency for you business to dramatically improve office productivity, making folding, stamping, and mailing at least 10x faster (and of higher quality.)

1. Folding Machines

Folding documents is a real time suck. You have to line up the pages, make straight folds, and hope the size is just right for the envelope. Many times it is not. After wasting your time on a single sheet, you have to move on to more. It is easy to spend at least 10 minutes folding and stuffing a few letters. You need a folding machine.

Folding machines directly on a desk or table, and they can fold dozens of sheets in a matter of seconds. Depending on the size of your company’s document and mailing needs, you can select single-page folders, or multi-page folding machines that can hold up to 100 letters.

2. Pressure Sealers

Improve your marketing presence with pressure sealer machines that do the licking and sticking for you. Kick out dozens of self-mailers that can handle between 30 and 100 mailers per minute. Pressure sealer machines feed in your document(s), fold it, and stuffs it into a sealed envelope. The process is the greener option for businesses.

3. Postage Meters

Increase efficiency and save on costs with postage meters. Postage meters weigh the mail, update to accommodate fluctuating postage costs, and account for the type of mailing – first-class, postcard, express, and more. In short, postage meters are on the most elemental product investments for high-volume mailrooms.

Guessing on postage on the dozens, or hundreds, of pieces of mail your company sends out in a day can end up costing you hundreds of dollars by the end of the week. Not only do you pay for stamps, but you pay for the labor to affix them on the outside of each piece of mail. Productivity drops when the mail goes out, but it doesn’t have to when you invest in postage meters for sale.

4. Address Printers

Writing every address by hand wastes a wealth of time and money, and that’s hoping the address on the outside of the envelope is legible. Hand-written envelopes are time consuming, often sloppy, and they prevent employees from getting back to their jobs. Address printer systems can handle large-scale mailing campaigns, individual correspondence, and various letter sizes.

Address printers take the burden on the hand and the budget, allowing businesses and offices to print scores of envelopes at a time with professional, legible addresses printed on the outside of the mailer. Address printers reduce mailing and printing costs, and they eliminate the need to reprint multiple prints. When it comes to finding the right types of address printer machines for sale, check out Walz Label & Mailing Systems. They offer the real-deal when it comes to top-of-the-line address printer systems and mailing machines.

5. Folder Inserter Machines

Depending on your document and mailing needs, you can find a folder inserter machine that folds and stuffs dozens, to hundreds and thousands, of pieces of mail in a matter of minutes. Folder inserter mailing machines can handle single documents and large documents effortlessly, providing clean, crisp, and professional folds before inserting the document into its envelope.

You can't go wrong with these document handling and business mailing machines. Tackle all your document handling and mailing system needs with easy, reliable, and affordable document solutions that accommodate your business’s needs and fit the budget.

The Evolution of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Management

The modern corporate landscape has seen more and more companies take up 3PL Management in the management of their supply chain. Top companies are acknowledging that by using third party logistics management companies, they can significantly add to their bottom line as they can now concentrate on their core competencies.

To understand the role of logistics management in enhancing a corporation's bottom line, it is critical to analyze how 3PL management has evolved over the years (particularly with respect to advancements in technology.)

History of Logistics Management

Less than four decades ago Software/Technology/IT, international shipping, warehousing, and trucking were separate functions. Corporations that shipped products across continents and around the globe used to view and manage the four functions as different components, from the point of origin up to delivery.

The 1980s – Evolution of the Transport Industry

According to some industry experts, the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 was responsible for the emergence of 3PL management companies. The trucking industry was deregulated through widespread reforms that included collective vendor price setting, entry controls, and reductions in price controls.

These changes occasioned a significant increase in the numbers of logistics management providers from fewer than 20,000 in 1980 to over a million today. It resulted in an industry that is extremely fragmented as the more complex logistics environment allowed 3PL companies to offer differentiated value-added logistics services that included, warehousing, transportation, reporting, and tracking.

The 1990s – Offshoring and Globalization

In the 1990s, global logistics management started taking shape with many companies expanding their market reach to serve rapidly developing markets around the globe. The development of economies such as China, India, and Mexico was a huge incentive for companies with some moving their entire production capacities to these developing countries.

Offshoring resulted in the need to manage an increasingly complex global supply chain that was continually expanding. Logistics management companies had to adapt to offer logistics services both on the international and domestic front.

The 2000s – Growth in Technology

Developments in IT in the 2000s due to the increasing use of the worldwide web and the internet made it possible for 3PL providers to provide solutions to connect diverse supply chain functions. In order to competently meet the needs of international corporations, logistics companies began to integrate order management functions, logistics and transportation, and inventory management with emerging technology platforms.

Supply chain management was transformed into an essential component due to the efficiency provided by 3PL companies. 3PL companies continued to adapt and change their techniques to better serve the needs of a continually changing market. These companies now make use of sophisticated inventory management, tracking and reporting technologies, and logistics software to provide transportation, order management, and warehousing services that would be too costly for the ordinary company to purchase, use, and maintain.

3PLs in the Modern Day

According to an Armstrong & Associates Report as of 2013, approximately 85% of American Fortune 500 corporations employ logistics management companies to manage their supply chain functions.

Major logistics management companies are better able to leverage global infrastructure and partnerships to offer greater flexibility. The core competence of the modern day 3PL management company is to offer supply chain solutions to both large and small corporations that. By making use of logistics management companies, a company stands to add value to its bottom line since it can focus on its core business thus reducing costs associated with logistics.

5 Trusted Advisors for Surgery Billing Services & Consulting

Today there is growing fiscal pressure on physician and medical practices, particularly in regards to surgeons. This pressues is likely to increase as a growing number of insurers and employers seek to shift overheads to the patient and try to find other ways to bundle services if possible.

When surgeons find their workload is becoming overwhelming, they may hiring the services of a non-physician practitioner (NPP). One area that they consider outsourcing is surgery billing. The convenience factor is a key reason why surgeons choose to hire advisors for surgery billing services. Aside from helping to avoid hitches with the legal issues, investing in professional and trusted advisor for surgery billing services is the best way for any federally-qualified surgeon to keep overhead costs low and to maximize their revenues.

Why Outsource Medical Billing for Surgeons?

The medical billing services take care of much of the “dirty job” associated with the surgery billing process. In addition, it will pursue delinquent accounts, follow up on rejected claims, and even send invoices to patients directly. Both new providers and seasoned surgeons alike do not have to worry about the clerical/ administrative side of the business.

When the surgery billing process is outsourced, it eliminates the hassle and frees physicians to concentrate on patients. Due to the importance of this service there are now more companies offering it than ever before. However, although there are so many billing companies, some stand out from the rest because of the quality of the services they provide. Especially when it comes to medical billing for surgery services and practices.

Choosing a medical billing company is one of the key decisions you can make for your surgical practice, clinic, hospital or group. How quickly claims get processed and how much money gets collected on each claim can significantly affect your cash flow, and your net profit as well. To help you get the best services, the following are the top 5 trusted advisors for surgery billing services in the medical profession.


As the name of this company suggests, the primary aim of Kareo is to offer surgeons practicing in a health facility with revenue maximization and cost minimization solutions. Besides surgeons, Visualutions provides services for pediatrics, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine and many other fields.

Kareo concentrates more in coordinating staff training before the implementation of the surgery billing system and during its application, although the company also provides most of the services that any billing company offers. The training is done to equip staff with the required skills. Years of extensive research by the company have proved that the most efficient means to maximize revenues is via medical staff training.

National Medical Billing Services (NMBS)

National Medical is a national health care revenue cycle management company featuring a sophisticated, boutique like approach to client service and operational delivery. The company specializes solely on servicing ASCs (ambulatory surgery centers) and their affiliated surgeons.

NMBS was named to the 2012 Global Outsourcing 100® service providers’ list by the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals). The St. Louis-based company was founded in 2003 with a team of professionals that consults with ASCs and their surgeons to increase revenue and overcome the industry challenges which can limit an ASC’s success and profitability.

Practice Management

Practice Management is medical billing company combines years of experience in the healthcare sector and professionalism to offer services that can only be matched by few other billing companies if at all any. With them, one needs not to be informed just how good they are as their track record speaks for itself.

Practice Management has earned its rightful place amongst the best having helped dozens of healthcare centers sort out their surgery billing issues to increase revenues and payment turn-around. To make sure that their clients are always satisfied, this company provides experts who help in billing, essential services such as credentialing and assisting the customers comply with legal and ethical regulations. One other advantage that Practice Management has over the others is that it has invested in hiring bi-lingual customer service professionals.

InGauge Healthcare Solutions

Formerly MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions, InGauge Healthcare Solutions offers revenue cycle management services that help surgeons get paid properly for the work they do. Not only will clients have access to their data at any time, but they get to meet with one of their consultants on a regular basis. The consultant provides industry insights, education, data analytics and innovative reports that easily explain the fiscal side of your practice. This help clients overcome industry challenges to advance financial performance besides helping them make the best decisions possible in their practice.

Synergy Billing

Synergy Billing is the #1 biller by collection rate. That fact alone should be satisfactory to convince any facility that they are a good option for their surgery billing services need. The company understands how surgeons and medical practitioners work, having been in operation for several years now, and so they will help optimize the revenues of the healthcare center one dollar at a time. In addition to helping with revenue maximization, Synergy Billing is a company that also provides other valuable services like medical staff training.

These services are vital for any healthcare facility since they contribute to making it more self reliant in revenue collection by reducing over-dependence on billing companies. Through hiring Synergy Billing, the healthcare center will also benefit from a range of informational webinars that are hosted by the CEO and other top-ranked executives. These webinars will help to maximize revenues and also provide the facility with revenue cycle management solutions.

3 Leading Suppliers of Bank Vaults for Sale

Many individuals and financial institutions often have no idea who are the leading suppliers of bank vaults for sale. While there are a number of companies that offer bank vaults and vault doors, only some provide specialized products and services, like vault design and ongoing support.

With information on these suppliers, you will definitely understand which company will meet your needs. Here is a review of the 3 leading suppliers of bank vaults for sale.

1. iOSafe

When it comes to advanced security and safe storage, you can always mention iOSafe as a company of choice. The company is famous for manufacturing at the same time distributing the disaster-proof products, bank vaults, digital safe and more. They have been operating in the market while providing the kind of services you would need when you do hire them. iOSafe products can always withstand natural calamities that include earthquake, floods, fire, and theft among other common destructive elements.

This has enabled iOSafe to be among the most respected firms that sells these security products like pneumatic tube systems, surveillance systems, vaults and more. With over 25 years in the industry, you will be satisfied at the quality that you would need when getting the best products. They also specialized in bank vaults, safety deposit boxes, safes, and under-the-counter steels among others. You will be satisfied at the quality purchase you would get whenever you need to buy these options from a given market even as you buy that best product of your choice.

12760 Earhart Ave
Auburn, CA 95602

2. Seico Security

Seico Security is among the highly rated companies that has been operating in the market for over 10 years selling security products for homeowners. You will be satisfied at the quality products that you would need during your choice whenever you need a perfect deal within the market. In addition, they are a top supplier of vaults to banks and safes for both residential and even commercial applications.

Many of the customers respect Seico Security for being innovative as well as cutting edge technology that makes their products to rank as among the best you can ever get during your purchase. The number of customers who have been buying from them have always increased especially for those people looking for ways to improve security in their homes. You will get high quality products that include safes, firearm storage, bank safes and fire-resistant bank vaults for sale, among others.

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

3. FireKing Security Group

FireKing Security is a company makes it into this list especially from the products that they sell for the customers who need them. The firm have been operating for years that has enabled them gain reputation in terms of the safes and vaults they sell. When you choose FireKing Security as your choice of preference when making your choice, you will buy quality, secure vaults safes, and exceptional customer services and more. In addition, they offer range of products that includes doors for safes and vaults, fire file cabinets, data safes and more.

FireKing Security Group
101 Security Pkwy,
New Albany, IN 47150

In conclusion, the above is a review of the 3 leading suppliers of bank vaults for sale that will help you understand what to during your purchase.

5 Essential Mail Machines to Make Your Business' Mailing System More Efficient

Businesses often establish their own mailing system to be more efficient at creating and distributing mail to vendors, customers, and other parties. However, the level of efficiency in an business' mailroom is often dependent on the technology and mail machines being used. Below we delve into 5 essential mail machines to make your business' mailing system more efficient.

1. Address Printers

Among office address printers available on the market, the products from FP Mailing Solutions are some of the best. The FP series of address printers have the most advanced mail machines solutions for small, medium and large corporate organizations. The FP series address printers are designed to print addresses, postal barcodes, return addresses and attention lines on envelopes.

These mailing machines also print letters, cards, invoices, and flyers. The FP address printers are capable of printing a minimum the 4,300 and a maximum of 36,000 pieces of the envelope within one hour. Envelope address printers for sale are designed with several functional features to produce sharp and brilliant full colors with calling graphics on envelopes.

2. Postage Meters

Postage meters are designed to offer more efficient postage solutions. The functions of these mailing machines include adding sales messages on envelopes as well as monitoring and tracking office mail. These mailing machines reduce the overall postage expenditures; make marketing more effective, hence increasing product and services sales.

Neopost is a postage meter manufacturer that brings to business a postage machine designed to reduce postage cost while improving the mailing process to a more professional and official appearance. In the list of postage meters from Neopost, the Neopost IS-5000/6000 Postage Meter is the most talked about mailing machine because of its high volume mailing capability.

Neopost's engineers developed a machine that minimizes input but maximizes output. FP Mailing Solutions is also another excellent supplier of postage meter machines. This company's machines are designed to the advantage of updating the mailing system with latest USPS postal rates that are tagged to best rates of shipping costs.

3. Labeler Machines

For labeler machine product manufacturers, the Brother Personal labeler machine is probably common because of its simplicity regarding use and effective regarding delivery. The function of the PT90 Brother Personal labeler machine is designed to print one to two lines of eight-character text.

The machine has approximately 173 symbols, 9 type styles, seven framing options and a typewriter style keyboard to fit any labeling activities within the office and businesses. The small size and battery usage feature makes the Brother Brand Labeler Machine more convenient because of its portability. Labeler machines can be used even far from the office, even in the field to create designer product labels.

4. Tabber Machines

As an efficiency-driven business mail machine, the purpose of tabber machines is to automatically apply and fix labels on products. These machines are great, especially for the pressure sensitive products. Tabbers are used to fix labels on a wide range of mail within the business, and as a result, are great for marketing as well as general mail applications within businesses. The Accufast tabbing machine brands are more common because of their near universal tabbing purpose. The Staplex TBS brands are most affordable. They are described as semi-automatic tabbing machines for mailing functions.

5. Mailing Scales

Mailing scales, also known as postal scales, are designed to weigh mail right in the mailing production office. These mailing scales make postal chores easier, hence not requiring making a visit to post office to weigh mail. Designer and excellent mailing scales weigh letters or mail and stamp them accordingly to only weight for shipping. Best seller postal scales include the American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale, the Etekcity Digital postal scale, and the Weighmax Postal Shipping Scale among other brands.

German Bliss: Your Source for Land Pride Parts for Sale

German Bliss' online parts store continues to gain traction as the leading source for replacement parts, blades, and components from some of the leading equipment manufacturers. The online store started as side project for German Bliss to expand its business into the online parts marketplace. Today, the website has grown to become the one of the top dealers for hard-to-find parts for names like Bush Hog, Befco, Servis Rhino, and one of the most popular manufacturers in the lawn mower market - Land Pride.

Today, German Bliss' online parts store has one of the most comprehensive selections of Land Pride parts for mowers, rotary cutters, tillers, aerators, chippers, spreaders and much more. In addition to offer one the greatest selections of Land Pride parts, German Bliss is recognized by its honest and knowledgeable customer support crew as well as its extremely fast shipping. So if you need Land Pride parts for sale, and you need them quick, trust German Bliss as your online source.

Why Choose German Bliss for Land Pride Parts?

German Bliss is a true revolution of the farm equipment and machine parts for sale. This online store has created an equipment store that sale wide range of parts. Both new and used equipment and will be listed in the website. With popular equipment manufacturers listed, the German Bliss online parts store is offer replacement parts for Land Pride lawn mowers, tillers, rotary cutters, and forage equipment. The company focuses on helping equipment owners continue working on their contracts because replacement equipment is not always easy to come by.

For the number of years, this company has been offering equipment replacements and parts, the online stores are perfect times because no contract is going to be cancelled because of missing parts. Land Pride brand owners should have a reason to get their equipment now because they are listed online. At German Bliss Online, we know that many people have leading brands, and that is why we give priority to these brands because of heavy usage.

Shop New & Used Agricultural Equipment

German Bliss offers a wide variety of both used and new agricultural equipment for sale is a new way of improving the agricultural economy. The time you spend moving from store to store to search for particular equipment is no more. Check online and when the part you are looking for is not listed, contact German Bliss, customer care, give the specifications and wait for a response. The chances are that the company stopped manufacturing that part, but you can still the get sorted because this company will ask your manufacturer of your brand to manufacture a custom part you are looking for.

Land Pride Parts for sale at German Bliss online store are available as the latest inventory. The Land Pride brand equipment are the first full existing equipment and parts listing online. If Land Pride equipment parts are not in German Bliss online store, then they are also not in any other store whether online or offline. As the leading online store, the management has also introduced timely financial services to ensure that equipment owners have not stopped working just because of a few dollars missing to buy replacement parts.

Start your Land Pride parts shopping now by visiting Store.GermanBliss.com to find the Land Pride parts you need.

Essential Postage Meter Supplies for Productive Office Mailrooms

Postage meters are a type of office equipment that makes mail management tasks a whole lot easier. It is commonly used by companies as a business asset to streamline postage operations and reduce mailing costs. However, a postage meter is not just for businesses that send out large volume of mail. It can also be used by companies according to need for mailing purposes.

There are many types of postage meters available in the market today, all of which varies from the diversity and the volume of mail being handled. Small postage meters are designed to send less than one hundred letters a month while big postage meters can process thousands of letters per hour.

Essential Postage Meter Supplies

There are a number of supplies needed for postage meters, including software, hardware, and data provisions. Most of them can be purchased online, especially from renowned postage meter vendors, while others can be bought at computer stores that offer postage meters.

There are consumable postage meter supplies you need in order to run a postage meter. Some of these include water seals, glue dot, adhesive labels, bottled ink, cartridges, tabs, bag, and tabs. You should also consider having a postage tape, USPS rate cards & charts, envelope ads, dust covers, and other supply packs.

One of the most important postage meter supplies needed in an office mailroom is the printer. Having a printer is an absolute requirement. You can choose from different kinds of printers such as thermal printer, dot matrix or line printer. A postage meter also needs a strapping machine, which could be manual or semi-automatic.

Often times, software is also a must-have. Without the software, it is impossible to run your postage meter. You can purchase the software on the internet or you can also purchase it from dependable postage meter suppliers. The software is important to run the program and to access the features of the mailing system.

Some common software used for postage meter are CASS from Pitney Bowes (also known as Coding Accuracy Support System), and the PAVE, presort accuracy validation and evaluation. The CASS is a software that matches the street, address, city, and state from the office postal list to the postal service database while PAVE, on the other hand, prints out the form. You can also choose from a variety of software such as Accumail Tool kit, Easy Street, QuickLocate, and Zip USA.

Homogenous ink is used for most postage meter syste,s. Consisting of low molecular weight, fluid and surfactants, the ink is formulated by dissolving the coloring materials that are made from florescent toner for a non-volatile solution.

Major Brands of Postage Meters

There are a lot of postage meters being offered today. Some of the most popular brands to choose from include Neopost USA, Hasler, FP Mailing Solutions, and Data-Pac Mailing Systems. These brands vary from each other, depending on how they are to be used by companies. You can also read some reviews and product specifications online to know what is best for your mailing needs.